Windows 7 First Look

Well, its been about 1 week and Windows 7 RTM is amazing.  Now let me get one thing straight, Vista wasn’t bad, but it was death by a thousand cuts.  Windows 7 really got things right. I mean its easy!  Wow!  Things just make sense, things just work, and things just flow so easily.  I can’t recall a windows OS that was this easy to get going.  So in this post I just wanted to share my install/setup experience to share with you dear reader why Windows 7 is a winner.

I took my 2 year old HP laptop which had Windows Vista Home Premium.  While my Vista was fine, it definately was sluggish on my laptop.  And I was definately getting annoyed by the Admin prompts every time I wanted to delete a file or make a modification.  So when Windows 7 RTM came out, I downloaded with my MSDN subscription of course.

1. Migration – First I the DVD I burned and opened up the folders to get to the migration wizard (migwiz.exe).  This analyzed my Vista laptop’s contents and allowed me to choose what to transfer.  I hit okay and bam the migration wizard copy those contents to my portable USB drive.  Easy.  The bad part was it took 1 hour for 10GBs to transfer…

2. Format/Install – I rebooted my machine with the Windows 7 disc in the drive.  I wanted to do a clean install.  The BIOS says to hit any key to boot from disc and thats what I did expectedly.  What I didn’t expect was the fancy UI in the setup process.  I was amazed at how easy it was.  I was so used to the years of the dreaded Windows install DOS prompts.  Not with Windows 7, it was all about easy UI.  So I deleted my old partition and created a new one and when on to install Windows.  The process took less than expected.  I was used to a 1 hour format process.  This was not the case.  I’m not sure what happened underneath, but it installed in about 30 minutes.  I verified that it was a clean install.  It had to  have been the easiest and quickest install I’ve ever done for Windows.  Not to mention the animation and GUI to make it intuitive and easy while being glamourous.

3. Drivers – So now my Windows 7 is up and running.  As I first start up for the first time I’m contemplating going to the HP site to download all my drivers that were needed.  The funny thing was when I opened up the device manager, all my drivers were already there.  Nothing to install.  It found everything.  And everything worked!  This was

definately a first.  Drivers were always a hastle for any Windows installation.  Not anymore.

4. Printer Setup –  My home printer is a networked printer.  And sure enough Windows 7 had the drivers.  Must of took 2 minutes to get my printer going.  That being said, a few days later I take my laptop to my church which has a Cannon ImageRunner copier as a network printer.  I search for the printer and try to get it installed.  Windows 7 does not find the drivers.  But a button was there to check Windows Update.  Well what do you know, it found it with ease.  Problem solved.

5. Task Bar! –  Can I say that this must be the biggest and brightest change.  I know longer pin my apps to the startmenu.  Why?  I’d rather pin them to my task bar.  They are always there.  1 less click!  Not to mention Aero peek.  Another improvement on the task bar was the services icons that show up on the right by the clock.  I used to hate having a long list, especially the ones that hide.  Now there is 1 icon for all in its own window.  Its so easy and intiutive.

6. Search –  Vista’s search was great.  But Windows 7 is on another level.  You can literrally search for anything, ANYTHING!  And it will show up, even things in the Control Panel or Troubleshooting.  Its all there.  The expanded indexing really makes windows easy.

7.  Desktop Themes – Can I say that the themes are awesome.  I love the rotating backgrounds.

8.  New Calculator! – This has been a LONG OVERDUE make over!!!!!  Now we just need a graphing calculator like Apple’s 🙂

9.  PowerShell is standard

10. .Net 3.5 SP1 is standard

11. HomeGroups – home networking simplfied!!!

12. Wireless Networking is simplified!!! What a big time saver.  Its just so intuitive, less mouse clicks, all on the task bar.  It just works.  While Vista was a step up from XP in setting up Wireless connections, it was not a task for my mother to do.  Windows 7 makes it easy.

I could go on and on.  Windows 7 is simply AWESOME!

What are your thoughts on Windows 7?


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