Top 10 Features of IE9

Well, I have to be honest, ever since Chrome came out with its first version, I was a fan. In every conceivable way they blew the competition out of the water.  The start up speed, the new tab speed, the way it managed downloads to the way it minimized the header crap found in most browsers.  It took the industry by surprised and gained a formidable amount of marketshare in such a short peiod of time.
And thats only the outside.  The speed of the Javascript engine alone demanded serious respect and gave “Web Applications” a serious notch up in being very much “windows like” in its performance and feel.  Chrome changed the game and made IE8 look bad.
But that didn’t last too long.  Here comes IE9 Beta 1.  When it came out I had my doubts.  Burnt from the past, I didn’t expect IE9 to “get it right”.  I’d figure, yea, sure they upgraded the Javascript engine, but its about the overall feel of the browser thats important.
My initial assumptions were completely way off.  Microsoft learned and listened.  They got it right with IE9!  Let my start by going down the list of my top 10 favorite features.


1. JavaScript Engine was rewritten from the ground up.


The new JavaScript engine has some serious engineering behind it and some serious horse power to show for it.  The new engine rewritten from the ground up was engineered for real time performance.  The compiler is like none I’ve ever heard of before.  The way the engine works is as soon as the javascript is downloaded, it uses the “slow” interpreter to start processing the javascript.  But at the same time, IE9 creates a new thread to start compiling the javascript to native code.  As soon as the compiler is done, the native code finds the current place of where the javascript was processing via the interpreter and takes over the processing from there on.  This genious of engineering means that load and start up times for javascript intensive applications will be smooth and quick.  This is that “overall feel” that I was talking about.  Its about overall performance in the end.
2. Download Tracking! 

How many of us wish they could go back in their history of downloads to re apply something, or share something.  How many times  with IE you forget where you downloaded your files.  Now this is a thing of the past.  IE9 took notes from Firefox and Chrome how to handle downloads.  To me this is such a usability feature that was long ignored by IE.  Thank you MSFT for adding this one!!
3. Fast Tabbing/Snap On/Off
One of the biggest features that sold me when Chrome came out was the ability to load up and tear down tabs very fast.  And as well as the ability to take tabs out of the current window into its own window.  This was huge.  IE8 took 10 seconds to load a new tab on my computer.  Chrome took a fraction of a second.  So when IE9 came out, this was one feature that I had doubts with.  And as soon as I open it up, I was surprised.  Then I went to try out dragging tabs in and out of the window.  SWEET!  Its just as good if not better than chrome in this aspect.
5. Minimized Clutter
6. 3rd Party Component Load Time Tracking
7. Graphical Rendering Engine
8. Standards Compliance
9. Improved Developer Tools
10. Jump Lists!!!

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