Making your Objects Serializable – Part 1 (Overview)

Before I get ahead of myself, lets start by defining what serialization is.  In a nutshell its basically a way to convert your object into another form such as XML or binary.   There is also the opposite notion of DeSerialization which is the act of taking your object that is in XML or binary form into an actual .Net object.  Here is wikipedia’s definition … Continue reading Making your Objects Serializable – Part 1 (Overview)

MEF Now Supports Silverlight!

MEF or the Managed Extensibility Framework has come out with Preview 6 and now supports the Silverlight platform.  This will allow some killer apps to take advantage of MEF capabilities. If you’ve been in the closet lately, MEF simplifies plug-in architecture for .Net applications.  And so imagine adding 3rd party extensions to your enterprise Silverlight application.  This takes Silverlight to a whole new level.  Try … Continue reading MEF Now Supports Silverlight!