Making your Objects Serializable – Part 1 (Overview)

Before I get ahead of myself, lets start by defining what serialization is.  In a nutshell its basically a way to convert your object into another form such as XML or binary.   There is also the opposite notion of DeSerialization which is the act of taking your object that is in XML or binary form into an actual .Net object.  Here is wikipedia’s definition … Continue reading Making your Objects Serializable – Part 1 (Overview)

RIA Services CTP Gripes

The latest RIA Services CTP came out in July to support the Silverlight 3 RTW.  Now before I start, let me say that I think the problem that RIA Services is trying to solve and the way its doing it is great.  Silverlight won’t be seriously considered for alot of business projects without RIA Services.  Namely the ability to easily communicate between server and client … Continue reading RIA Services CTP Gripes